TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Limerick Language Centre (LLC)


1. Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation of booking before arrival: For cancellations received at least fourteen days prior to the course commencement, fees will be refunded less any bank charges incurred as well as administration and accommodation fees. For cancellations received within 7-13 days of course commencement, 50% of the course fees will be refunded. For cancellations of less than 7 days no refund is given.


Cancellation after Arrival: Once a student has commenced their course at LLC they are obliged to complete their full course of study. The full course of study is defined as the initial enrolment period. No refund will be given for course fees if a student withdraws from the course before the completion of the full course of study.


If a student wishes to change the course they are attending it may be possible to change to an alternative course or programme of the same value, depending on availability. Students cannot change from group tuition to individual tuition. No refunds can be given for course changes including changes to a less intensive course. Students who have obtained an extension to their visa as a result of a course extension cannot cancel that extension and will not be entitled to any refund.


Refunds, where applicable, will be completed within 4 weeks of receipt of request for a refund. Please contact the Accounts Manager, who is responsible for completing refunds, at langctr@iol.ie .


2. Visa and Immigration Guidelines for non-EEA students

Students requiring a Visa to study in Ireland should contact the nearest Irish embassy for detailed information and allow at least two months processing visa applications. We can assist with the application procedures for the Visa when required. All fees must be paid in advance and an invitation letter with details of the transfer will only be issued once the funds have been received in full by bank transfer. If original copies of documents are required from LLC they can be sent by mail free of charge or by courier for a fee of €65. Students who experience delays in having their visa issued can postpone their course.


Visa Refusals: We will refund all prepaid money minus administration & accommodation fees and any bank charges incurred on all visa refusals. Written proof of the visa refusal from the Embassy is required.


REQUIREMENTS for Academic Year students:

•             Non EU/EEA students who intend to stay in Ireland for more than 90 days are required to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). There is a charge of €300 each time you register. (The registration fee quoted is €300 at time of printing, but may be subject to change).

•             Before registration, you must pay an end-of-programme exam fee to the school which we can use later when registering you for the appropriate examination. You must register for and sit a Cambridge or IELTS examination. The school will register students for the appropriate end-of-course exam when registration dates are available.

•             You must have valid medical insurance. You can purchase MediCover Insurance through Limerick Language Centre which is accepted by the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB).

•             You must show proof of finances of at least €3000

•             You must obtain a school letter

•             You must have a minimum attendance rate of 85%


Check list before registering with GNIB:                          

•             Limerick Language Centre school letter                                                    

•             Medical insurance for the duration of the visa                                           

•             Valid Passport                                                          

•             Proof of finances/bank statement                                                     

•             Proof of address in Ireland                 

•             Credit card (required to pay GNIB fee)                                  


School policy on punctuality and attendance:

Students must attend a minimum of 85%. Each week, the Director will check attendance.

1.            If you begin to attend less than 85% then the Director will give you a verbal warning.

2.            If your attendance is below 85% a second time, the Director will give you a written warning.

3.            If your attendance remains below 85% after this time, the school will report you to GNIB and INIS

4.            If you have 25% or more uncertified absence during your first 6 weeks, this fact will be communicated to GNIB and INIS

5.            If you cannot make up attendance to a minimum of 85% before the programme ends, this fact will be communicated to GNIB and INIS

6.            Students may not arrive for class later than 15 minutes after class has started or leave earlier than 15 minutes before class has ended.


Sick leave

It is important that you contact the Academic Manager immediately by email or text on the first day of sickness and each day subsequently. You must provide us with a certificate from a doctor on the first day of your return.



Students may not take unscheduled holidays except in documented cases of illness or family bereavement. You must receive permission from the Academic Director for any holiday. This is a documented process and you will receive your permission in writing. All scheduled holidays are posted on the school website. Once you have completed your full course, you are entitled take holidays for the remainder of your stay in Ireland.


End-of-course examination: Students are registered by the school for the appropriate exam when registration is open for the exam centre. We will record your registration. Students must provide us with examination results, which we will also record, before we can issue a final course certificate.


The Academic Manager is responsible for maintaining and monitoring attendance records, recording sick leave and holiday requests, registration of students for end-of-course exams: langctr@iol.ie


3. Holidays for long-term EU/EEA students (no visa required)

Students are permitted to take holidays depending on the duration of their course. The following regulations apply:

• Holidays cannot be taken in the middle of a week (Must be booked from Monday to Friday)

• Students must give the Institute at least 2 Weeks’ notice in advance of the holiday

• Upon returning from a holiday, students may have to take a level test before being placed in a class

• In the interest of the student’s academic progress, only one holiday is permitted during any 12 week period/two holidays are permitted during any 25 week period

• Where possible, students are advised to take holidays only on completion of their current level


4. Postponement of Courses

If you cannot attend your course, you may postpone it. All postponements must be made in writing at least seven days prior to the course start date. You have three months in which to inform LLC of your new dates. LLC will hold all fees already received for the three-month period. A course may only be re-arranged once.


5. Public Holidays

In the case of public holidays, which occur on a Monday, students may begin their course on the Tuesday of that week. Public holidays are non-refundable.


6. Accommodation

Prices for accommodation are quoted per week, 7 nights. Refunds will not be given for early departure unless 2 weeks’ notice is given. Extra nights in host family and residence are possible subject to availability and an additional charge. Accommodation details will only be sent once all fees have been paid in full. Students wishing to extend their accommodation should check availability well in advance of completion of their initial stay.


7. Airport Transfers

Transfer details should be sent to us at least seven days prior to the arrival of the student. For students booking an airport transfer, we ask for the flight number and arrival time. Missed transfers are non-refundable.


8. Discipline: Absenteeism & Expulsion

If students’ behaviour, conduct or attendance is unsatisfactory, they will be subject to the School’s disciplinary procedures. A serious breach of conduct may result in expulsion. You will be given 1) a verbal warning, 2) a first written warning and 3) a 2nd and final written warning. Failure to make improvements at this point will result in expulsion. In the event of an expulsion, fees are not refunded. Additional charges for flights and other costs will not be covered by the school and are the responsibility of the student.


9. Complaints and grievances

Students are requested to use our Student Feedback form to make a complaint in writing – this can be requested in the office or by email (langctr@iol.ie) . Any complaint received is acted upon immediately and a resolution reached not later than 2 weeks after receipt of the complaint.


Both the Managing Director and Academic Manager hold responsibility in this area: langctr@iol.ie


10. Insurance

Students must arrange appropriate medical, travel and personal insurance. Students travelling from EU countries should bring their European Health Insurance Card with them. This only entitles students to emergency hospital care and attendance at certain doctors. Please note that this will not cover elective procedures or dental visits.


To comply with immigration guidelines, all non-EU students are required to have medical insurance valid for their entire stay in Ireland. We can organise medical insurance for non- EU students at a cost of €100 per year.


Students are not insured by the school or by the family, against accidents, illness, theft or loss of personal effects, and the school accepts no responsibility in the event of such occurrences.


10. Learner Protection

Limerick Language Centre is a member of Marketing English in Ireland (MEI). MEI member schools espouse Learner Protection, thereby being able to guarantee to students that they will be able to complete all language courses for which they are enrolled.

This policy is set out as a condition of membership within the MEI Bye-laws


Section 2.3(E)

‘’In the interests of Learner Protection, MEI members must agree that, in the event of an MEI school going unexpectedly out of business, they will accept students whose course of tuition in the closed school has not yet expired. The allocation of such students to member schools will be managed by the MEI office’’


11. Publicity Materials

Permission is given for the use of student comments or testimonials and photographs/images of students in the official promotional material for LLC by the student with acceptance of these terms and conditions.


12. Legal Notice

Limerick Language Centre reserves the right to change the details of its services, including courses, facilities and course dates where circumstances beyond the Institute’s/company’s control necessitate such changes or where the number of enrolments is not enough to operate a course viably. The right is also reserved to decline any person at any time without liability.


Limerick Language Centre gives notice that all arrangements for transport, activities or accommodation are made by LLC as an agent upon the express condition that they shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of any defect in any vehicle or through the acts of default of any company or persons engaged in conveying the passenger, or in carrying out the arrangements of the programmes, or otherwise in connection therewith of any family member. No responsibility is accepted for losses or additional expenses due to delays or changes in air, sea, rail, bus or other services, sickness, weather, war, quarantine, strikes, or other liability.